Rear Collision Warning Repair

A rear collision warning is an ADAS safety feature designed to help drivers avoid or embrace being hit by a vehicle approaching from behind. The system will alert the driver when a car comes too close to the rear of their vehicle, allowing them to take corrective action. Depending on your vehicle manufacturer, the rear collision warning system utilizes feedback from cameras on the liftgate, tailgate, deck lid, or rear bumper. It’s important to recalibrate your ADAS anytime adjustments are made to these areas to receive accurate feedback into the system. Failure to repair your rear collision warning system may lead to accidents or injuries. 

Rear Collision warning repair

Understanding How Rear Collision Warning Systems Work

Rear collision warning systems are automatically activated when the engine is started and will remain activated until turned off. This ADAS feature uses cameras on the vehicle’s rear end to provide a few different actions that help keep drivers safe when rear-ended.

Features of Rear Collision Warning Systems

Flashing lights and warnings may appear on the center console screen to alert the driver of a possible incoming crash from behind. If the rear-end cameras detect an imminent collision, the seatbelt tensioners may tension the seatbelts in preparation for the impact. Likewise, right before the crash from behind occurs, the rear collision system may activate the foot brake to reduce the car’s forward acceleration through the collision. However, the foot brake is only activated when the vehicle is stationary and releases immediately if the accelerator pedal is depressed. 

Rear End Collision Warning

When To Have Rear Collision Warning Systems Repaired

Vehicles with rear collision warning systems will typically have liftgate, tailgate, deck lid, or rear bumper cameras. Any time these areas are involved in an accident, replaced or modified in any way, it’s imperative that those cameras be recalibrated with the ADAS immediately. The rear collision warning system can only work as designed if the rear end cameras and ADAS are calibrated with one another. Failure to repair rear collision warning system cameras following an adjustment may result in the system working improperly with inaccurate information. 

ADAS Calibration with Insight Vehicle Calibration

Insight Vehicle Calibration specializes in the state-of-the-art recalibration of vehicles that have experienced an interruption in their ADAS. Our primary objective is to ensure the proper functionality of a vehicle’s ADAS configurations. We have the technology and experience to perform ADAS calibration on any vehicle make and model. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. 

The service was quick and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Cost was very affordable. If you have your windshield replaced then it’s recommended to have your lane assist system recalibrated. 

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