Night Vision System Repair

Car night vision is an ADAS safety feature that increases a driver’s perception and viewing distance in darkness or poor weather beyond the reach of the vehicle’s headlights. Night vision is primarily an optional ADAS feature in most modern vehicles.  Check your user manual to see if your vehicle has night vision equipped.  The sensors can be mounted onto the vehicle’s grill or windshield and will relay their findings to the center console screen or a heads-up display. It’s important to have your ADAS recalibrated whenever these sensors are installed or adjusted. Failure to repair your night vision system may lead to accidents or injuries. 

night vision system repair

Understanding How Night Vision Systems Work

Automotive night vision systems allow drivers to detect movement and objects beyond the normal vision scope of the headlights. Two technologies are commonly used: thermal imaging and infrared illumination. There are some differences in how the two work, but they each can produce similar results. 

Thermal Imaging Night Vision Systems

Thermal imaging uses a thermographic camera to detect heat from objects in front of the vehicle. These cameras are so precise that they can detect even the smallest temperature differences. The camera scans for temperature differences and can create a detailed ‘heat-map’ image of the object and display it on your vehicle’s center console screen or a heads-up display. Some vehicles may utilize other ADAS safety features, such as collision mitigation, to automatically improve driver safety. 

Infrared Illumination Night Vision Systems

Rather than cameras, infrared night vision systems use unique infrared light lamps to push infrared light out in front of the vehicle. This night vision system is typically activated when an unfamiliar object enters the field of infrared light. The object is then displayed on the center console screen as a black and white image. Some infrared systems can scan areas up to 500 feet in front of the vehicle. 

Thermal Night Vision System

When To Have Night Vision Systems Repaired

Automotive night vision systems typically utilize cameras, or infrared light lamps, that are mounted onto the front grill of the vehicle. Some vehicles may also use night vision cameras that are mounted onto the windshield. Check to see where these sensors are located on your vehicle. It is imperative that you have your ADAS recalibrated anytime the areas that include the sensors are adjusted, repaired, or replaced. Failure to recalibrate the system can endanger the operation of the ADAS and lead to major accidents or injuries.

Your ADAS relies on accurate information from the road in order to work as designed. If your cameras or sensors are misaligned, certain ADAS features may operate when they don’t actually need to operate. Having that level of disconnect puts the driver in a dangerous situation. 

ADAS Calibration with Insight Vehicle Calibration

Insight Vehicle Calibration specializes in the state-of-the-art recalibration of vehicles that have experienced an interruption in their ADAS. Our primary objective is to ensure the proper functionality of a vehicle’s ADAS configurations. We have the technology and experience to perform ADAS calibration on any vehicle make and model. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. 

The service was quick and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Cost was very affordable. If you have your windshield replaced then it’s recommended to have your lane assist system recalibrated. 

Corwyn Foster