Lane Keep Assist Repair

Lane keep assist is an advanced safety feature that works with the lane departure warning feature to keep you from drifting out of your lane. These ADAS systems use windshield-mounted cameras to read road markings. If the cameras notice that you are drifting, steering correction and selective braking may be used to autocorrect your vehicle’s trajectory back to the center. Lane keep assist and lane departure warning are excellent ADAS features that help drivers stay in their lane.

Insight Vehicle Calibration offers ADAS and windshield camera calibration services to repair faulty lane keep assist systems. Failure to calibrate your ADAS cameras may lead to accidents or injuries. 

Lane Keep Assist Repair

How Does Lane Keep Assist Work?

Lane keep assist uses windshield-mounted cameras to help return your car to your lane if you drift out of it. The cameras and sensors mounted onto your windshield can recognize the painted lines on the road. This includes the dashed lines between lanes and the solid lines on the road’s edges.

If you begin drifting out of your lane, you’ll likely first receive alerts via sound, vibration, or flashing lights. This is your lane departure warning system jumping to action, assuming that your car is equipped with this feature. If you fail to respond in time, the lane keep assist system will kick in and gently steer your car back into your lane. Your car may use automatic steering correction and selective braking on the opposite side of the car to correct your trajectory. Systems may work slightly differently from one vehicle manufacturer to another, but the facts remain the same. Lane keep assist works with lane departure warning to keep your car in your lane.

What’s The Difference Between Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning?

Lane departure warning is the series of alerts that a driver may receive when they first start to drift out of their lane. Lane keep assist is the automatic steering and braking that may occur to steer your car back into your lane if you fail to do so yourself. 

Tips For Using Lane Keep Assist

  • Features may not work on roads with faded, covered, or cracked road markings. Keep this in mind when driving on roads with barely visible markings. 
  • Fog, snow, leaves, and other debris may cause lane keep assist to malfunction.
  • Most features can be disabled by turning the wheel or activating your turn signals. Read your vehicle manufacturer handbook for specific information on this topic.

When To Have Lane Keep Assist Corrected

Lane keep assist relies entirely on feedback from the cameras mounted to your windshield in order to work. Any time those cameras are adjusted, installed, or replaced, we highly recommend that you have your safety systems corrected through ADAS calibration. Failure to do so can cause safety features like lane keep assist and lane departure warning to operate with inaccurate road information. This can put you and other drivers at serious risk.

ADAS Calibration with Insight Vehicle Calibration

Insight Vehicle Calibration specializes in the state-of-the-art recalibration of vehicles that have experienced an interruption in their ADAS. Our primary objective is to ensure the proper functionality of a vehicle’s ADAS configurations. We work directly with our trusted partner in Chamblee, Lightning Auto Glass, to handle any ADAS calibration service needed by customers following a windshield repair or replacement. Our team of experts will work to recalibrate your advanced safety systems so that your lane keep assist feature is repaired and working as it should, according to the vehicle manufacturer’s settings.  

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