Lane Departure Warning Repair

The Lane Departure Warning system is a standard ADAS feature found in most new vehicles. This safety system alerts drivers when their vehicle begins to move out of a freeway lane and was designed to minimize collisions caused by driver error, distractions, and drowsiness. In order to work properly, your ADAS cameras and sensors must be calibrated to receive accurate feedback from the road.

Insight Vehicle Calibration offers ADAS calibration service to repair faulty lane departure warning systems. Failure to calibrate your ADAS cameras and sensors can lead to accidents or injuries. 

Lane Departure Warning Repair

What Is Lane Departure Warning and How Does It Work?

Lane departure warning systems track a vehicle’s position within a lane, usually with cameras and sensors that are mounted on the windshield or the rearview mirror of the vehicle. These cameras capture a moving view of the road ahead as much as 150 feet and keep a constant survey of road lines.

If the system notices that the vehicle has drifted into another lane, or is about to, it alerts the driver. Alerts vary by vehicle manufacturer but can include audible and visual indicators, as well as vibrating seats or steering wheels in some luxury models. The lane departure warning system will realize when the driver has their turn signal on, and will not create an alert if that is the case. 

Lane Departure Warning vs Lane Keep Assist

Lane Departure Warning simply alerts the driver when they start to veer off into another lane. It will still be the driver’s responsibility to steer the vehicle back into the appropriate lane. With Lane Keep Assist, however, the safety feature is enhanced by the vehicle automatically preventing the vehicle from crossing lanes. It does so by gently steering and braking the vehicle so that it no longer is on track to change lanes. 

When To Have Lane Departure Warning Repaired?

No matter which lane assist feature your vehicle is equipped with, they both still rely on accurate feedback from the cameras and sensors mounted to your windshield or rearview mirror. Any time these cameras are adjusted, installed or replaced, we highly recommend that you have your system repaired through ADAS calibration. 

ADAS Calibration with Insight Vehicle Calibration

Insight Vehicle Calibration specializes in the state-of-the-art recalibration of vehicles that have experienced an interruption in their ADAS. Our primary objective is to ensure the proper functionality of a vehicle’s ADAS configurations. We work directly with our trusted partner in Chamblee, Lightning Auto Glass, to handle any ADAS Calibration service needed by customers following a windshield repair or replacement. Our team of experts will work to recalibrate your ADAS so that your lane departure warning system is repaired and working as it should, according to the vehicle manufacturer’s settings.  

The service was quick and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Cost was very affordable. If you have your windshield replaced then it’s recommended to have your lane assist system recalibrated. 

Corwyn Foster

Other Names For Lane Assist Systems By Manufacturer

Audi: Lane Keeping System, Audi Active Lane Assist

BMW: Lane Departure Warning

Chevrolet: Lane Departure Warning

Hyundai/Kia: Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, Lane Follow Assist

Honda/Acura: Lane Departure Warning, Road Departure Mitigation

Mercedes-Benz: Lane Keeping Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist

Nissan/Infiniti: Intelligent Cruise Control

Toyota/Lexus: Dynamic Cruise Control, Dynamic Cruise Control with Stop and Go

Subaru: Lane Departure and Sway Warning, Lane Keeping Assist

Volvo: Lane Keeping Aid