Head-Up Display Repair

A heads-up or head-up display (HUD) projects a speedometer and navigation information onto the windshield of a vehicle. This ADAS safety makes it so that drivers no longer need to look away from the road, as the HUD information is shown transparently on the glass.  Originally developed for military aircraft, the head-up display is an add-on feature that may work directly with a vehicle’s ADAS. 

The head-up display system will need to be calibrated immediately after a replacement windshield is installed since that is where the information is projected onto. Insight Vehicle Calibration offers a professional ADAS calibration service in Atlanta, Georgia, for head-up display repair functionality.

Head-up display repair

How Head-Up Display (HUD) Systems Work

Head-up displays improve driver safety by projecting a floating image of the information, such as vehicle speed, directions, cruise control settings, lane swerve warnings, and more, directly onto the windshield. The HUD system of a vehicle typically works using two different systems. The first system uses transparent phosphors embedded into a small section of the windshield. This is where the information will be displayed. The second system then uses a reflective mirror section, also on the windshield. A light is embedded into the dashboard and reflected onto this mirror, which in turn gets displayed on the windshield. 

Benefits of Head-Up Display (HUD) Systems

A head-up display, while not a new technology, is certainly an important ADAS safety feature. Two of the most important parts of driving are being able to see, and knowing where to go. Considering the number of distractions on the road, HUDs help drivers keep an eye on the road without missing important information. 

The main benefit of a head-up display is that the driver no longer needs to take their eyes off of the road to view their speed or check directions. That information is displayed right on the windshield within the driver’s natural line of sight. A driver is at risk any time they take their eyes off of the road, and this is especially true for traveling at highway speeds. 

Another benefit to heads-up displays is that some HUDs now integrate infrared cameras to better detect objects on the road in dark or foggy conditions. These objects can be projected onto the windshield the same as they look in real life, helping to further avoid accidents or collisions. Some head-up display systems can even work in tandem with other ADAS features, such as adaptive cruise control, for a more complete safety package. 

Head-Up Display Repair

When To Have Head-Up Display (HUD) Repaired?

Since the head-up display showcases information directly onto a vehicle’s windshield, ADAS calibration is recommended anytime your windshield is replaced. If your replacement windshield is not an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) windshield, then it is likely not manufactured to the same specs as an OEM windshield would be. This means that your replacement windshield, and the ADAS features associated with it, might be out of sync, relaying inaccurate information to the driver. 

ADAS Calibration with Insight Vehicle Calibration

Insight Vehicle Calibration specializes in the state-of-the-art recalibration of vehicles that have experienced an interruption in their ADAS. Our primary objective is to ensure the proper functionality of a vehicle’s ADAS configurations. We work directly with Lightning Auto Glass, our trusted windshield replacement company in Atlanta, Georgia, to handle any ADAS Calibration services following having a replacement windshield installed. Our team of experts will work to recalibrate your ADAS so that your head-up display system is repaired and working as designed. Schedule your appointment today to get yourself back on the road.  

The service was quick and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Cost was very affordable. If you have your windshield replaced then it’s recommended to have your lane assist system recalibrated. 

Corwyn Foster